MAP has successfully completed hundreds of architectural projects around the world. Its expertise includes commercial, hospitality, wine and distillery, retail, mixed-use, transportation and luxury residential villas and apartments.

Amassing over 80 years of experience, the MAP team provides inspiring, enduring and buildable designs founded on sustainable, practical and commercially viable solutions.

MAP has developed a broad spectrum of master plans from heritage sites in China to a luxury beachside tourist destination on a remote island in Vietnam. When planning, our focus is to revitalise, regenerate and reinvigorate the space being mindful of environment, heritage and history.

MAP has an accomplished portfolio of interior spaces for work and home. Projects range from luxury residential holiday villas in Koh Samui, Thailand, to the Hard Rock Hotel, Macau’s Rock Star Suites. When designing interiors, MAP focuses on its end-use creating impact through simple planning, elegant detail and thoughtful use of materials.

While many architectural firms turn these projects down, MAP seeks to discover a site's true development potential. MAP provides smart practical and commercially sound solutions, always looking outside of the original brief. Working within the constraints of the existing structure we innovate, re-energise and reinvigorate space.

MAP has completed redevelopment projects for multi-story mixed use buildings, large international hotels even a 1950s retro apartment building on The Peak, Hong Kong.

Ecological sustainability and building performance is an integral part of the MAP design process. We provide clients with sustainable planning and design on a macro and micro scale. We start with sustainable planning and end with site-specific tools for sustainable landscapes and green buildings.

Our aim is to provide efficient solutions to reduce the ecological footprint and to create value by reducing the operating cost of the building. MAP was one of the first to use the Trombe Wall sun shading system in Asia and to work on the first building in Hong Kong to be constructed to comply with LEED® standards.

Garnering a wealth of experience through working with the best property developers in the industry, MAP can advise on the development potential of any site. MAP offers practical planning recommendations and seeks to align a site's potential to the cost of realising that potential. Advisory services extend to providing project estimates, identifying building regulations and compliance issues, outlining procurement strategies and contractors best suited to the project.

MAP has completed a number of developments its own right in Hong Kong and Thailand as well as advising leading property development and management companies throughout Asia.